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We pursue excellence in every detail.
We believe best product is also a piece of art.  

2018 New Release: LEDars HIGH BAY

2018 New Release: LEDars Panel Light

EasyGo™ Smart Lighting

Dedicated Wireless Smart Lighting Solution for Offices and Industries in South Africa.

 * Lighting as your desire of individual spaces.
 * Plug & Play - proprietary wireless technology.
 * Huge savings - up to 90% operational cost reduction.

Easy Implementation

Wireless Solution, No Extra Wiring, Material or Labor.
Plug & Play, Implementation is as Easy as Building Blocks.

Great Lighting Experience

Lighting Controls Are Specified on Each Individual Space.
Dimming 0-100% by Schedules, Sensors and Remotes.
You Could Override Schedules or Sensors at Anytime.

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About Us

Established in 2012, RS Energy Solutions is a high-tech company specialized in LED products and smart lighting solutions. After years of dedication, we proudly announce that our wirelss EasyGoTM Smart Lighting is now on its way to deliver its great benefits.