Quality LED Lights with Original Design

We pursue excellence in every detail.
We believe best product is also a piece of art.  

2018 New Release: LEDars HIGH BAY

2018 New Release: LEDars Panel Light

EasyGo™ Smart Lighting

Dedicated Wireless Smart Lighting Solution for Offices and Industries in South Africa.

 * Lighting as your desire of individual spaces.
 * Plug & Play - proprietary wireless technology.
 * Huge savings - up to 90% operational cost reduction.

Easy Implementation

Wireless Solution, No Extra Wiring, Material or Labor.
Plug & Play, Implementation is as Easy as Building Blocks.

Great Lighting Experience

Lighting Controls Are Specified on Each Individual Space.
Dimming 0-100% by Schedules, Sensors and Remotes.
You Could Override Schedules or Sensors at Anytime.

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