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2018 New Release: LEDars HIGH BAY

2018 New Release: LEDars Panel Light

EasyGo™ Smart Lighting

Dedicated Wireless Smart Lighting Solution for Offices and Industries in South Africa.

 * Lighting as your desire of individual spaces.
 * Plug & Play - proprietary wireless technology.
 * Huge savings - up to 90% operational cost reduction.

Easy Implementation

Wireless Solution, No Extra Wiring, Material or Labor.
Plug & Play, Implementation is as Easy as Building Blocks.

Great Lighting Experience

Lighting Controls Are Specified on Each Individual Space.
Dimming 0-100% by Schedules, Sensors and Remotes.
You Could Override Schedules or Sensors at Anytime.

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RS Energy™ Unveils 400W, High Bay LED Light

RS Energy™ Unveils 400W, High Bay LED Light

After creating quite a buzz at April’s 2013 HK Lightfair, RS Energy unveils its 400W LED high bay luminaries to customers in North America. As an emerging global leader of LED lighting designs and manufacturing, RS Energy introduces this light for applications in aircraft hangers, power plants, steel plants, auto plants, heavy machinery plant, sport facilities and other industrial and commercial settings.


Developed as a replacement for the older and inefficient metal halide, this new 400W light is loaded with breakthrough technical specifications that deliver performance and substantial energy savings. “Our 400W high bay is a perfect replacement for energy-vampire metal halide, which is still widely used in all applications.’ Said RS Energy’s CEO James Cai. “This high-performance 400W LED light not only outperforms existing MH solutions but also enables the lowest total cost of ownership objectives to be achieved. The glare-free feature is especially appealing to in-door sports facilities.”

RS Energy’s unique designs of LED drivers, packaging and thermal management deliver the staggering efficacy of 108 lumens-per-watt. The high bay power supply is universal voltage (120 to 277) allowing customers to use one product for most commercial applications. A variety of correlated color temperatures (CCTs) options are available, including 2700K, 4000K and 5000K and have an L70 life of 50,000 hours.

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