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2018 New Release: LEDars HIGH BAY

2018 New Release: LEDars Panel Light

EasyGo™ Smart Lighting

Dedicated Wireless Smart Lighting Solution for Offices and Industries in South Africa.

 * Lighting as your desire of individual spaces.
 * Plug & Play - proprietary wireless technology.
 * Huge savings - up to 90% operational cost reduction.

Easy Implementation

Wireless Solution, No Extra Wiring, Material or Labor.
Plug & Play, Implementation is as Easy as Building Blocks.

Great Lighting Experience

Lighting Controls Are Specified on Each Individual Space.
Dimming 0-100% by Schedules, Sensors and Remotes.
You Could Override Schedules or Sensors at Anytime.

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RS Energy Lights up Bay Area Restaurants

As the owner of two of the largest Bay Area restaurants, the Lam Group always has high energy cost on top of its must-fix list. When it looked for an alternate to cut down energy consumption earlier this year, it brought in competing proposals from a group of contractors. At the end, the Group chose and used RS Energy’s LED lights for the retrofit project.


“We are very impressed by RS Energy’s dramatic improvements in lighting performance and more so by its significant power consumption reduction,” said Andrew Lam, CEO of the Group. “More amazingly, RS Energy LED lights are visually cleaner and crispers than the traditional lights we used.”

The significant retrofit project included 450 RS Energy JS(I)-(E12-B3W) LED candle lights which replaced 40-watt incandescent bulbs, 400 JS(I)-(E26-B8W) LED bulbs which replaced 19W CFL, and 80 JS(I)-(T8/20W) in place of 36W CFL T8. The great performance of these RS Energy LED lights translate into a total energy and maintenance savings of over $8,000 (calculated with 4,320 burn hours at a KW/hr rate of $.13).

“When in need of finding a way to attract and please our patrons while cutting down on the expenses we always find it essential to have a perfect ambience, among other things,” Said Lam. “RS Energy certainly has delivered a perfect solution to our lighting needs.”

The initial success has already given the Lam Group a bit of sweet taste of applying sustainable lighting applications. Already, the Group has planned to use RS Energy lights for its future expansion projects.

“RS Energy’s full line of outdoor and indoor LED lights will undoubtedly contribute to our continued success. With RS Energy, our lights are always on for our patrons.” Said Lam.